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WhatsApp (+5) Hidden Tips & Tricks 2016 must know

In the world of instant messaging, WhatsApp is one of most popular, downloaded, sophisticated, lighter and faster messenger app. The company recently launched its web version.

WhatsApp has many features and functions. People know the basic features of its app like how to send messages, how to download media file and how to block any abusive person contact etc. It is the most common features of it. But, Some people want to hide their messages and they don’t want to share a message with another except some special person. And some people want to hide their last seen and profile photo on WhatsApp.

So, basically we are going to learn about some hidden WhatsApp tips and tricks which is very useful for you. How to make multiple accounts on a single phone-

#WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 1: -How to make multiple accounts on a single phone

It is necessary that you have rooted phone for to do this thing. It is very exciting tricks for me. Because, when I knew about this trick. I was so strange. ‘Titanium Back Up’ app is necessary for this purpose. First install titanium backup app in your rooted smartphone. This process is given below –

Open titanium backup app > switch profile > create a new data profile > select profile > click on enter name (which is current app setting with your administrator profile) > After that again click on switch profile > create a new data profile (Now enter your name. This name is for your second WhatsApp account) Click on Switch profile > selects second profile and go to backup / restore tab > Search WhatsApp on this tab > Press WhatsApp icon for long time > Select ‘Enable multiple profile for this app’. Finally settings has completed for multiple accounts on WhatsApp. Launch the app and register your new number.

#WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 2: How to track last seen without online-

Sometime you want to see your friend or girlfriend online or not without change your own timestamp. A third party android app ‘WhatsApp spy 007’ is used for this purpose. You can download this app from Google Play Store. This hidden feature is very interesting like first process. This process is given below

Open WhatsApp spy 007 app > On your internet connection (Wi-Fi / Mobile Data) > Tap on Contact which person of last seen you want to see. You would see timestamp of selected person after some time.

#WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 3: How to stop automatic downloaded media files-

As we it automatically downloads, media files when you on your mobile data. Even though, it is a good feature. But, It is a problem for you when you have limited data plan. When you want to stop the automatic download of media files. If you want to stop this automatically download media files feature on WhatsApp. The 3rd hidden feature is given below –

Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Setting > Media Auto Download, you get three options.

  • When using mobile data (Select an option which you suitable image, audio, Video or Select all).
  • When connected with Wi-Fi (Select option which you suitable image, audio, Video or Select all).
  • When Roaming (No Media is the best option in this case).

If you are iOS user, Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Setting > Switch Off ‘save incoming media’ .

whatsapp tips tricks media auto download

#WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 4: How to use extended privacy setting

If you don’t want to show your last seen your friends. You wanna hide your privacy from an unknown person or your friends. Use privacy features of WhatsApp. To do these things follows this path-

Go to WhatsApp > Settings >  Account > Privacy > you get the option that is ‘who can see my personal info

Last Seen – Last seen (Select option which is suitable for you from My Contacts, Everyone or NoBody).
Profile Photo – Who can see your profile photo (Select option which is suitable for you from My Contacts, Everyone or NoBody).
Status –  Who can see your status (Select option which is suitable for you from My Contacts, Everyone or NoBody).

After ‘who can see my personal info’ option you get ‘Messaging option’. You can see a list of Blocked Contacts on WhatsApp. And ‘Read Receipts’ option (Check this box your suitability).

whatsapp tips tricks Privacy

#WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 5: How to protect WhatsApp with the help of Password-

Many applications for protecting your installed smartphone apps. With the help of this protection app you can protect your WhatsApp from strangers. Protection apps are ‘Messenger Lock ‘, ‘Lock For WhatsApp’, ‘chatlock’ and ‘AppLock’.

#WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 6: How to stop image saving on your Gallery-

You can use app lock or chat lock app to hide your personal chat or application from the guest user. But, someone can see your WhatsApp images from your gallery and you don’t want to show your WhatsApp image in the gallery without your permission. Because, the app lock can only lock your application, not your gallery images. So, we are going to discuss about this problem and this problem can solved without any app. So, to know about this see below-

  1. Download ES File Explorer- There are various types of file manager on the play store for access and manage files such as File explorer, File manager and ES file explorer but I am telling you this trick through ES File Explorer. If you don’t have ES File Explorer, then download this.
  2. Apply Tricks on ES File Explorer-Go to ES File Explorer > Go to WhatsApp Folder > Select media > Select folder WhatsApp Images > create a new File i.e .nomedia.

#WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 7: How to stop recover deleted messages-

Everyday WhatsApp takes backup of your Whatsapp chat backup at 4 A.M. So, the one of the easiest ways to take backup is uninstall your WhatsApp and re-install it. And after re-installation, it will ask you that you want to restore a backup. It will give you last 7 days backup. If you want to store older conversation back up.

To store your older chat. Then, first take a backup of your chat through with this- Go to Sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases and msgstore.db.crypt, save this file on SD card or any external storage and go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Clear Data.

I think that these all important features are very useful for you guys. If you have any problem with these tips and tricks. Then, comment below. I will help you. Follow us on Facebook nad Twitter for getting latest updates.

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