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Windows 10 Game DVR

Windows 10 Game DVR: How To Record Game Play using Game DVR

Nowadays, the way of gaming is also being changed rapidly with the ever growing dynamic technology. And most of the people are fond of freaky geek for Gaming. Because, we enjoy a lot when we play games. Plenty of games are coming with the amazing graphics and with new technologies. Windows 10 Game DVR is the best way for recording the game play in high quality.

As we know that Windows 10 came with great features. So, how can gaming part remain?. There are many gamers who want to record their gameplay meanwhile they play games. In previous Windows OS, they used to record gameplay via another screen recorder. There was no option.

After coming of Windows 10, the problem has solved. Yes, Windows 10 has provided a screen recorder which will record your screen. And It won’t only work for recording the game. But, also record app play or anything, you do on your computer. You can avoid 3rd party screen recording software.

Already, we shared some Windows 10 Tutorials. And Windows 10’s screen recorder records video very crystal clear. Yes, it provides great quality video. Only, we have to just follow the 3 simple steps for using the Windows 10 Game DVR Bar.

3 Simple Steps to use Windows 10 Game DVR Bar

1. In the very first step, we have to press Windows Key + G. When, you will start recording.

2. Now, you will get a tiny window on the bottom of the screen saying “Do you want to open the Game Bar?”. Click the check box.

3. After the above steps, you will get a other tiny window. In that window, there will be fewer button for taking screenshots and recording videos. Now, Click the button acknowledging that you do.

Start GameBarWindows key+G
Start RecordingWindows key+Alt+R
Taking ScreenshotWindows key+Alt+PrtSc
Record Xbox GamesWindows Key+Alt+G
Stop RecordingWindows Key+G

Now, if you’re excited and you’re going for using a Game DVR to make gameplay or something like that. Share your experience and thoughts about this amazing Game DVR in the comments. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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