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Windows Smartphone – Tips, Find my phone, Storage & Data Sense

Microsoft Windows OS based Smartphone is used in the world for its qualities, performance and flexibility. But, when I was using Nokia Lumia which is based on Windows OS. At that time, I felt that really it’s little bit difficult for person who is not friendly smartphones and new technology. The looking of the user interface of windows smartphone is too good. But, there are some features which is easily accesible in Android. Because, Android is being used by most of the people in the world. Sometimes, we feel difficulties for operating Windows OS.

As we know that smartphones users are growing day by day in the whole world. There are 3 mobile operating system Android, Windows and iOS which are widely used in the world. Like all Android based smartphones iOS and windows phone are also having some special features. I have faced problem in windows phone. Because, I have not used this phone so far.

Basically, you will learn all those things about windows smartphone which make you feel difficult. This article will tell you- find your lost windows smartphone, data sense, storage sense etc. So, guys… I will tell you some important features of Windows smartphone which is important for you. All important tips are given below.

Windows Smartphone tips windows users must know

  1. How to Find my lost windows phone –

    If you lose your windows smartphone. Then, this feature is very helpful for you. When, you have lost your phone. Then, this windows phone feature is very helpful for you. To activate this feature you should have data and one Live ID. This feature will tell you the location of your phone’s current location. To activate this feature, go to settings > select find my phone.

  2. How to stops Automatic updates on windows phone-

    If you want to stop automatic update application and save your mobile data. Go to Windows store > Settings > App update > taps the toggle. Sometimes, you have no more data and you want to save your data. It is a little bit, but not a big problem that your phone’s automatic update feature lose your data when you need that.

  3. How to efficient use of Storage Sense on windows phone-

    If you want to know which app is taking much space on your smartphone. So, you can use this feature to know the information about that.

  4. How to use the data Sense on windows phone-

    It tells you how much data you spent through various applications. You can set also data limit. It will give you data usage warning after the limit which is set by you.

  5. How to use Screen Projection on windows phone-

    You can project your screen on another screen with the help of USB. This facility is not in all windows based smartphone. I have used this feature on Lumia 1520. To enable this feature- Go to settings > Select Project My Screen.

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