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How to Install & Configure WP Rocket Cache Plugin

It’s very important that every webmaster should know about the caching and its benefits. It helps to improve the site’s performance as well as speed. So it’s definitely a part of site optimization and SEO. Thanks to WordPress where we can add this feature using a caching plugin, and now we are going to configure one of the top WordPress caching plugins.

The WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin which cost $39 for the first year and the renewal cost is $19.50, but it’s not too expensive to boost your blog’s speed. It has great features which are not available in the W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache plugin and it offers more than its price. One more good thing is that the WP Rocket development Roadmap is public so you can view their plans for the next releases.

If you want to choose the WP Rocket , then purchase it from the wprocket.me. After purchasing the plugin download it from the WP Rocket dashboard and then install it on your blog. You can add the WP Rocket plugin via uploading method because of the WP Rocket is a premium plugin so you can’t search it on WordPress add new plugin area. WordPress plugin installation is a very simple task if you are new to WordPress then you can follow WordPress Plugin installation guide.

Note: Before installing the WP Rocket, deactivate and delete the other cache plugins like W3 total cache, WP Super Cache.

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How to Configure WP Rocket:

The configuration process will take about 3 to 5 minutes only and it’s very easy compared to the other caching plugin. First of all you will need to activate this plugin by adding the license key. Now you can see all the quick setup options in the WP-rocker panel, which can be found under setting option in the WP-admin area. For the best optimization you can use a CDN service  along with the WP Rocket.

Basic Options

It the Basic options tab, you can enable all the options, but we strongly recommend you to uncheck the “enable caching for logged in users” because it serves a cached content to logged in users including the administrator. Remember, you will need to confirm the selection of “file optimization: CSS, Java” options because it can cause display errors, don’t worry select “OK”. Leave “Clear Cache Lifespan” as is and then click on “save changes” button. Now check your site. In the case of your site showing any errors, then simply turn off the “file optimization: CSS, Java.

  • Minification: The process which removes all the unnecessary characters and spaces from the javascript and CSS.
  • Concatenation: A solution that reduces the HTTP requests by combining all the CSS, JavaScript files into one.

WP Rocket Basic options

Advanced Options

The Advanced options tab allows you to enable prefetch DNS requests and empty the following page cache when updating a post. The tab also has the ability to reduce the number of files in one, CSS & js files to exclude from minification, and other exclusion options.

WP Rocket Advanced options

If your site not working properly after enabling the minification in the basic options, then you can simply exclude the CSS & js files by adding the file’s URL. Now you are wondering how can I check my sites all CSS & js files, don’t worry, add your site’s URL into WP Rocket debug tool and that will generate a list of your site’s all the CSS and js files on your site. To fix minification problem simply add the file’s url one by one in the exclude box and check your site every time.

WP Rocket Advanced options


As the name suggests this option is for CDN configuration. Here you can enable the CDN network and set up a CNAME of your site like http://cdn.domain.com and it also has a very simple integration option for the cloudflare network.

WP Rocket CDN


Here you will find the options to clear cache, preload the cache and import / export the settings. You can also join the beta testing program by enabling the “beta tester” option.

WP Rocket Tools

FAQ / Support

In the support tab you can directly submit the support questions and the team will reply to you as soon as they can. According to me they really have a great support team and they also offer live chat support on the official site. The FAQ tab is where you can see the links of Frequently asked questions related to WP Rocket.

WP Rocket Support

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WP-ROCKET speed test:

After completing the plugin configuration, you can check your site’s performance improvements in GTmetrix and Pingdom scores. I’m glad to tell you that XYLOOR is now powered by the WP Rocket and MAXCDN, so here are the screenshots of our fully loaded website’s performance and speed scores. The result can be higher in the newly installed WordPress site.

xyloor gtmetrix score

xyloor pingdom score

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