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YouTube Blurring Tool

YouTube blurring tool: How To use YouTube blurring Tool

One of the most world’s largest videos containing website YouTube has introduced its new YouTube blurring tool. YouTube video creator, there were a number of tools are available for editing video.

YouTube launched a tool to blur all faces in the video of the creator. But, they hadn’t provided for blurring any other object in the video. This amazing YouTube blurring feature is the essential for the YouTube video maker.

During creating YouTube video, if you record some information which is private or anything about you. And you don’t want to show that info. So, you can use this YouTube Blurring Tool on your video.

There’re so many private things such as your phone number, account number, ATM number, photos and much more. All these things can come during recording video for YouTube. So, YouTube Blurring Tool useful for you.

In this article, we are going to share this information with you in a few simple steps. You have to just follow all these steps which are given below.

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How To Use YouTube Blurring Tool in Your YouTube Video

  1. First, you have to login into your YouTube account.
  2. Go To YouTube Creator Video.
  3. Go to video manager
  4. Choose your video for editing which video was uploaded by you. Or you can use YouTube Blurring Tool in your new video.
  5. Now, go to enhancements.
  6. You will get 3 tab in enhancement bar. Select blurring tool.
  7. There’re 2 options blur faces and custom blurring.
  8. Blur faces option blurs all faces.
  9. Custom blurring will blur which portion of the video you want to blur.

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Lets start use YouTube blurring Tools for hiding your personal information or content which you don’t want to show in your YouTube video. Give us suggestions and share your experiences with us.


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