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YouTube Offline

YouTube Offline: Save YouTube videos for offline viewing

Last year, In India, Indonesia and Philippines, Google introduced a new YouTube feature for both Android and iOS apps to save YouTube videos on mobile for offline playback, called YouTube offline.

The YouTube offline allows users to download YouTube videos on their mobile and watch them later while you are not able to access internet connectivity. One more thing is that you can watch the saved videos only on YouTube app because of the app saves the video as .exo extension. That means you can’t play them on other media players.

To save YouTube offline videos you just need to follow these simple steps listed below:-

  • Open YouTube app and search video which you want to download, and open that video.
  • Click the download icon, it will ask you to choose the video resolution from 360p and 720p. The 1080p resolution is now available at the moment.
  • Choose the video resolution and click OK. Now, downloading will start on your phone.

YouTube Offline video

In YouTube app, you can find all saved and download queue videos in ‘Offline’ section which is located on the left side menu that opens by tapping, or swiping the menu icon. By default, videos can be downloaded if mobile connected to the Wi-Fi network. Do not worry, you can change it to use your mobile data for downloading videos by tapping three dots on home screen and select settings > offline, here’s you can uncheck “Add over Wi-Fi only” option.

Saved YouTube offline videos only work on the YouTube app because the YouTube app saves videos into multiple parts as .exo extension, a compressed and encrypted file format, and other video players don’t support this format. For example, a download video was saved in chunks. There are no limits to save YouTube videos in your smartphone, It only depends on your Android or iPhone’s available storage. But you cannot download every video, IE. Best of YouTube section’s music and movies, these types of videos, mostly disabled for downloading.

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  • Walter

    If you just wanna download the videos for later there is a very easy way
    Just add the letters dl to the url of the video, so after the www. it must go dlyoutube……. then press enter and you will get redirected to the age where you choose the quality of video you wish