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YouTube Secrets 2016, Hidden From You Need To See

If you want to learn anything such as dancing, coding, singing, painting, drawing, computer, Native languages, piano, guitar etc. Then, one of the best things is internet in the world. And the most popular amazing and so organized website is YouTube among the all different fields of learners.

YouTube contains all types of videos as on your demand. You can demand everything on YouTube, which you want to see. It contains millions of millions various types of videos. I discussed some useful tricks on YouTube in the previous article.

YouTube gets millions subscription in each day. Almost, around 800 million unique visitors visit each month. It’s quite impressive data which I got. Not quite, but around 4 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube in 1 month of timespan. In every single minute, 72 hours video are uploaded by users. YouTube had 1 trillion views in 2011.

Guys, I’m feeling so glad to tell you some secret tips to use YouTube, which tips to help you to browse YouTube videos so efficiently. This article has appropriate points for watching YouTube video in so efficient manner. 

“Now, you can watch YouTube Videos offline — “YouTube Offline”

YouTube launched its new Blurring Tool.

YouTube Secrets #1 Use PWN keyword to download YouTube Videos

Most YouTube videos are very useful for you. And sometimes we want to download YouTube videos. You can save YouTube videos on your device via its offline features. YouTube Offline is the best option to save YouTube videos, but not best. I am telling you with the best alternative option to save YouTube videos i.e PWN.
Example- To save YouTube videos on your device storage see this example:

Go to YouTube and get video link which you want to download. Suppose, if you have this link:


Then, Remove https://www and type pwn in the place of that now the link is


YouTube Secrets #2 Force Luke

Go to YouTube and type “Force Luke” and press enter. After this keyword, your screen will be weird.

YouTube Secrets #3 YouTube Shortcuts

List of YouTube shortcuts

Toggle play/pause the videoSpacebar
Increase speedShift+> (not support all browsers)
Decrease speedShift+<(Not support all browsers)
Go back 5 secondsLeft arrow
Go back 10 secondsCtrl+Left arrow
Go forward 5 secondsRight arrow
Go forward 10 secondsCtrl+Right arrow
Skip to a particular section of the video (e.g., 5 goes to midpoint of video)Numbers 1-9
Restart video0 (not the keypad number)
Go to Full Screen modeF
Exit Full Screen modeEscape
Go to beginning of videoHome
Go to end of videoEnd

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YouTube Secrets #4 Convert YouTube Video into GIF

Yes, you can convert YouTube videos into GIFs (Graphics interchange format). To do this task add gif between www. and YouTube. Now, your video is converted into the GIF.

Example- Suppose that your link is


And the link will be look like that after the use of this technique


YouTube Secrets #5 Set the time of YouTube Videos

Most of the time we had seen that some video has unusual parts which is garbage for us. To skip that you can set the starting time of YouTube videos.

Example- Assume that Your YouTube video link is


And the time duration of this video is 5 minutes. You want to see this video from 2 minutes 20 seconds. Then, modify your link and your modified link will be


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