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YouTube Tricks 2016: How to Use YouTube Very Smartly

Hello.. Guys, this article is basically based on YouTube tricks. We already know that YouTube is the most sophisticated website for online videos. YouTube contains various types of video like education, music, movies, serials, comedy, action, games, how to, and all types of tutorial etc.

YouTube is one of the largest websites which has millions of millions videos. YouTube allows users to view its videos in different video resolutions like 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p etc. It depends on your choice, which video resolution you want to watch on YouTube.

Every minute approximately 100 videos upload on YouTube. YouTube has many features, but some YouTube users don’t know about some important and helpful features of YouTube. So, here we are going to discuss its shortcut and special tricks for YouTube users. Every user must know about these YouTube features. These YouTube tricks are very helpful for you-

#Youtube tricks 1: Easily loop replay of YouTube video 

If you want to do a loop replay of YouTube videos, then we are having one of the best popular websites for looping the YouTube video that is Infinitelooper. So, copy the URL of YouTube video and paste it on the Infinitelooper. After that, your selected video will be started on a webpage with loop replay continuously.

#Youtube tricks 2: Add YouTube videos in the queue

Sometime, you want to see one or more videos in a series and continually. But you don’t get suitable playlist as your requirement. It must necessary for us videos in suitable series. Although, make your own playlist feature available on YouTube. In Now days, many channels give their video playlists on YouTube. But few channels do not give playlist facility. Then, you can use two methods-

  • Watch later method-

    To use this option, it must necessary you should have a YouTube account. After logging in to your account, you can add watch later option. You can add one or more videos with the help of watch later button. When you want to see these videos, then check all videos and click on play on the button. And a tool renames watched videos helps you to check traffic of videos on your playlist.

  • Alternative of watch later-

    If you don’t want to use watch later option of YouTube and also don’t want to log in to your account. Then you can use this website queuemusic.org as alternative option.

#YouTube tricks 5: Main watchable part of video

YouTube videos having 40% of unusable part. If you don’t want to see unusable part of the video, then you can use these options that are given below-

  • Use wadsworth constant to remove unusable part of YouTube videos. For use wadsworth constant add  ‘&wadsworth+1’ after YouTube video URL.

For example – This is the URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Moo2NbgKK6o.

After adding wadsworth constant this is the URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Moo2NbgKK6o&wadsworth+1

  • Use javascript to remove unusable part. For use Java Script javascript:location.search+=(location.search?’&’:’?’)+’wadsworth=1′

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#YouTube tricks 4: Keyboard Shortcuts-

YouTube has many keyboard features for playing, stop, start videos. These features are not only saves your time but also you can comfortably work with YouTube videos-

  • Space Bar – play/pause
  • Left arrow  – For rewind
  • Right Arrow  –  fast forward
  • Up Arrow – Volume Up 
  • Down Arrow – Volume Down 
  • Home – Starting point of video
  • End – Destination point of video

#YouTube tricks 5: Special Keyword Search term on YouTube-

YouTube contains millions of millions different type of videos. You want to search some specific video as per your use requirement. So, you can use these special search techniques –

  • Add ‘all in title’ tag on search term. If you search new CES footage then use ‘all in title:CES’.
  • Excluding tag – you want to remove some specific term form your search results.  If you want to see video except of 2014 then use ‘all in title:CES 2014’.
  • You want see some specific channel, add ‘channel’ after keyword. Example – “CES,channel”

Some special search keyword terms on YouTube

  • This week – For this week’s video, Example -“CES,this week”
  • Today – For today videos, Example -“CES,today”
  • This month – In this month’s video, Example -“CES,this month”
  • HD – For watching videos in  high definition, Example -“CES,HD”
  • 3D  –  For watching videos in 3D, Example -“CES,3D”
  • Long – For watching the full video, Example -“CES,long”
  • You can combine all this keyword as one keyword like “CES,long,HD,this month”.

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#Youtube tricks 6: Watch videos together

One or more person can watch videos at the same time from different places with the help of this website www.syncvideo.com. You can enjoy videos like music, movies, concerts tutorials etc. with your family and friends. 

#Youtube tricks 8: Search content of foreign language

YouTube videos are watched by various countries in their own language and text script. If you are watching default URL, then some videos are missed by you which is shared in different type of text script such as Arabic, Russian, French etc. You can change default URL with the help of ‘language setting’ option which is located in left lower side on the YouTube page. If you select Hindi language, then you get virtual keyboard. Now, you can able to search videos in Hindi language.

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